Inventables CNC Custom Tool Path Script

This script generates a custom tool path for a cnc machine. It is currently set up to work with the Inventables X-Carve and and their cam software Easel. Click HERE for files

Robotic Dab Painting

A couple scripts that are used to create a series of paintings using a 6-Axis Kuka Robotic Arm. Click HERE for the files.

Skeletal Structures – Hexagons

  This script takes any surface and panels it into a series of hexagons. Each hexagon is then extruded out to a point and trimmed in order to produce the openings. The images shown are after the resulting paneled surface is brought into Maya where it is then smoothed and extruded once. Click HERE for…

Kuka_PRC – Laser Light

  A Kuka_PRC script that uses a light attached to the arm to draw out light paths for long exposure photos of a random massing created in Grasshopper. Click HERE for files. KUKA PRC required.

Kuka_PRC – Laser Pointer Contouring

  A script to take long exposure photos of a laser pointer contouring a cnc-milled surface. The laser pointer is attached to the arm using a 3D printed holder. Click HERE for files. **KUKA PRC required.

Kuka_PRC – Hot Wire Carving

  Kuka PRC script used for attaching a bendable hot wire carver to the robotic arm using a 3D printed component. Click HERE for the sample files. Kuka PRC plugin required for use.

Kuka_PRC – Hot Wire Cutter

Kuka PRC Script using a hot-wire cutter attached to the arm using a 3D printed component/brace. Click HERE for the files Requires KUKA PRC plugin

Kuka_PRC – Pick And Place

Kuka PRC script using a Schunk Gripper with compressed air and custom 3D printed fingers. Click HERE for files. **Requires KUKA PRC plugin